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Texts and Publications

2023   A Light That Never Goes Out, Turf Projects, London, UK (commission).

   Toolbox: Ideas, Inspirations, Games from Artists with a working class background for the men at HMP Leicester, digital and physical book.

2014   British Comedy Cinema, book review, Comedy Studies Vol. 5, Issue 2, Routledge, UK.
2013   Flash 500, Akerman Daly, London, UK, (commission).

           Obituary: Justin Bieber, Jour Mal Journal, UK (commission)

           OPEN PLAN, mini-essay in exhibition catalogue, Departure Foundation, London, UK.

           Shape & Situate: Posters of Inspirational European Women, issue 4.

2011   Artist interview, Poor But Sexy: Volume 4, Toronto, Canada.

2010   We Won’t Rock You: Interview with James Ward, 3:AM Magazine.
            It’s the Future, Jim, But Not as We Know It, 3:AM Magazine.

            Karl St Bernard Lampenschwartz and Doktor Albirt Umber: The Biographical Notes, co-authored with Billy Childish, L-13 Press, London, UK.

2009    Death in the Gallery: Clem Fatale and Fatalism, L-13 Press, London, UK    
            Obscenity is Whatever Gives a Judge an Erection, 3:AM Magazine
            The Commissioners of Lunacy, Fine Art degree show catalogue, London Metropolitan University, UK (commission).
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