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Selected Works

All works © Charlotte Young

Mi Casa, Su Casa (2014)
A brief study of surveillance techniques on a housing estate in north London.
Whitstable Tourist Board (2008)

Whitstable Tourist Board's guided tour of Whitstable, commissioned for the Whitstable Biennale, 2008. 

Sick Note (occasional ongoing series)
C  Young Sick Note 2009 Blurred.jpg

Letter from the artist's mother to a curator, excusing the artist from taking part in an exhibition.

Rust Buckets: Performance in the Fine Art department, London Metropolitan University (2005)

Rust Buckets were a short-lived anti-art school anti-band art school band, comprised of Jon Klein and Charlotte Young. Their songs critiqued contemporary art, art criticism, and curators via pop music, sports presenters, and soap operas. 

Letter of Confirmation (2008)
2 CYoung_Letter of Confirmation.jpg

Fake letter to the curator of the Free Art Fair, confirming that 

there is no asbestos in the gallery space. Exhibited at the Free

Art Fair, 2008.

Without You (2009)
The Mayor of Hackney offers advice on how to reduce poverty and knife crime in the borough. Exhibited in 'in/flux', 80 Kingsland Road, London 3rd-14th September 2009.
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